Company Overview

Jaytech is a full-service IT solution provider. Our office is in Namugongo, and we offer optimal solutions to clients across the country. We place our focus on employing modern and proven technologies to address our customers’ evolving needs with a strong emphasis on information and data security.  
Jaytech is committed to providing optimal solutions that meet customer expectations thereby building long-term service relationships. We have carefully evaluated and designed service level agreements (SLA’s) as well as flexible costs based on our customers’ needs and budget.

With the ever-emerging trends and technologies and the interconnectedness of the world today, there are many vulnerabilities in organizations’ systems that hackers can exploit and capture sensitive information. At Jaytech we acknowledge the need to build secure systems to mitigate cyber-attacks. With our team of professionals, we strive to protect your organization from cyber attacks by acting quickly to prevent and mitigate the negative effects of cyber-attacks.

Jaytech also strives towards solutions that provide real value to organizations.

Our Vision

Jaytech’s Vision is to become the optimal ICT Solution in Uganda and beyond.

Mission Statement

Jaytech’s mission is to provide industry-proven solutions that meet customers’ ICT needs and expectations with a strong emphasis on information and data security. 

Core Values

Customer Commitment

“We are the optimal solution that brings together people, technology. and organizations.”