IT and Cybersecurity Consulting

The use of technology is very critical to the success of any organization. Well as there are various technologies that organizations can employ, not all are suitable and scalable for every organization. At Jaytech, our IT and Cybersecurity consulting services offer practical and scalable advice to organizations with regard to IT and Cybersecurity solutions to apply.

Well as technology increases the efficiency and productivity of organizations, It is important to consider the negative effects of technology.

Hire us and let us give you a holistic view of your organization’s IT and cybersecurity strategy.

What we offer

IT Assessments

Let us assess your IT environment to give you a proper understanding of your technology supports your business goals.

BCP and DR

Let us help you come up with a business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan to protect your critical organizational assets

Risk and Complience

Let us assess your organization’s compliance with industry guidelines that are designed to benefit and protect the organization.

Why Choose Us

Our team of professionals is always keeping themselves up to date with modern technologies to offer the best solutions and advice to our customers.

At Jaytech we put into consideration the ever-changing technologies and therefore ensure that our professionals are properly trained and ready to provide optimal solutions to our customers.