Lets get your devices up to speed.

No one likes working with slow computers. It is important to address issues promptly to avoid customer frustrations. At Jaytech, we appreciate the need to keep up to speed when it comes to important updates and patches. It is important to address immediate issues, but it is more important to establish and correct the underlying issues. Our team of technicians is always ready to come in and save the day on time. Lets us do the work while you maintain that smile on the customers. Our technicians are mobile and can do the repair and maintenance at your preferred location depending on the services required.

Concerning replacements, be assured of quality parts as we always ensure to provide quality service as a way to build long-lasting service relationships. We usually guarantee our products and offer a full refund should there be any issues.

What we offer


We replace faulty computer and laptop parts to get your devices up and running. Hire us to be assures of genuine parts and quality service


We build custom software for your organization at affordable costs. We take time to understand your business requirements and develop optimal solutions.

Antivirus Protection

Frustrated about computer viruses? We have various options for you to chose from. Computer security starts with you

Why Choose Us

When handling IT devices, it is important to check and maintain them from time to time. At Jaytech, we offer periodic system maintenance for our customers to ensure that their systems and computers are functioning properly. Our team of technicians is always available to travel to various locations to check and ensure that your devices are functioning properly.